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August 09 2017

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Seriously, we are cute. #SpotTheWhiteGirl (at Orlando City Stadium)

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Missing some of our squad but still a great time. #ORLvWAS (at Orlando City Stadium)

August 08 2017

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Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, Kelley O’Hara, and Taylor Swift (featuring the United States Women’s National Soccer Team)

their dreams have came true

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Kesha - Praying /  Woman  . Live Performance @ YouTube

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USWNT Matches - 2012/13


All the matches I could find (in order) DOES include the OLYMPICS 👏🎉🙌 Enjoy 🤗

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August 06 2017

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Swan. (at Lake Eola Park)

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Another great night with the squad. Some of us understood the 90s Night theme better than others. #justalittlesticious (at Orlando City Stadium)

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#squadgoals (at Orlando City Stadium)

August 05 2017

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It’s time for church. (at Orlando City Stadium)

August 04 2017

June 26 2017

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Meanwhile, in Canada …


Favorite Scenes: Bellivia Flirts with Astrid during Stowaway (3.17)

Same question: How long?

24 hours. 48 at the most.

Has anyone ever told you, dear, that you have lovely hands?

Thank you.

Something to show you. We found two sets of DNA in the specimens we took from the scene. Two different people.

But in performing the tests, we noticed something odd in the molecules of Ms. Gray’s body. They didn’t want to come apart. They were held together by an unusually strong electromagnetic bond.

Um, I’m confused. You’re saying that her body’s being held together by magnetism?

Well, we’re all held together by magnetism.

Our molecules are like these hematite rocks.

Magnetism is what keeps us from flying apart. It’s what keeps us solid.

In Ms. Gray’s case, the attraction was almost unbreakable. It’s a miracle she left any blood behind at all.

[Bellivia puts the hematite bracelet on Astrid’s wrist]

I think it suits you, dear.

[Astrid begins to get creeped out]

[Astrid is now fully creeped out]

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Two Years Ago...


doctor: you only have 4:35 min left to live


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me trying to give back

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