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October 05 2017

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Hillary’s email was just coded language for misogyny. It was a dog whistle for toxic masculinity. Trump/Republican voters don’t care about private email.

Just like they don’t care about golfing, vacation days, and using Air Force One. That was just a dog whistle for racists to attack Obama.

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8 week old border collie!! Her name is Maggie and she likes napping and biting feet💖



Don’t talk shit about people’s teeth. Seriously.

Speaking as a major dental hygiene enthusiast…

Great-looking teeth come from two things: luck and money (which is also a function of luck).

  • Dental procedures tend to be very, very expensive, and are almost never covered by insurance.
  • Healthy teeth aren’t necessarily big, straight or bright white. Depending on what someone’s natural teeth are like, achieving that look may require a significant downgrade in their dental health; unnecessary crowns and veneers cause damage.
  • Do not underestimate genetics’ role in determining teeth’s appearance, or how prone teeth are to problems. Genes and early development, i.e. things people get zero control over, can outweigh all else.
  • A wide range of chronic conditions impact oral health and teeth’s appearance, too, and may contraindicate various types of work or raise procedures’ cost even more.
  • Finally, for many people and many reasons, celebrity-looking teeth just aren’t a priority (even when they’re attainable; some people might want, y’know, a new car instead).

Regardless, don’t be an asshole. Not even very attractive teeth look good on those.

I’ve NEVER seen a post like this and I’m thrilled TBH because I’m very insecure about my teeth and there is literally one reason they are not nice and that is money so I’m literally down for teeth positivity

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captain zadorsky and her rookie beanie babies







A really harrowed-looking man who was probably in his 60s came into the shop today. He was wearing a gold-colored tie that kept sliding down the side of his neck because it was tied very poorly, and a rumpled light blue dress shirt. I did not see his legs or shoes. Part-time cashiers are sometimes just not afforded the luxury.

We said hello to each other as I scanned his items (diet coke and a nature valley granola bar- $2.69), me sounding more interested than usual just because he sounded so out-of breath and very engaged in his purchase. Also maybe because I could not see his shoes.

“How’s your life going?” He suddenly asked, swiping his card, not casually but almost pleadingly curious.

“Uhm, all right I s’pose” I said, too startled to think of a more cheery lie. 

He nodded somberly. “Me too… I guess.” He paused and looked at me for a minute and then just said “it’s a Monday, ya know.”

“Mondays are like this sometimes” I supplied, feeling like we were having a really weird conversation hidden under the one that was actually taking place.

And then he left. I forgot to look at his shoes.


Honestly I had no idea that I would ever have the privilege of writing a sequel to this post. I considered it an odd moment, an interaction that changed me in a way, but a fleeting one. I automatically assumed our paths would never cross again, there was such a finality to that window of time on Monday August 22nd of 2016. And yet.

He returned.

I didn’t truly notice him come in, glancing up from whatever menial and already forgotten task I was busy with, but not registering who it was or why he seemed to put out an aura of familiarity. It had been weeks and I haven’t even caught a glimpse of him; the memory of Monday August 22nd of 2016 had faded like a dream. But lo he appeared before me, dressed in exactly the same fashion that made him look like he had just crawled out of carwash (albeit with a pink shirt and purple tie this go-around.)

His face lit up when he saw me, again holding a diet coke and a nature valley granola bar. ‘How is your day going?’ He asked earnestly.

‘Pretty well.’ I said, professionally containing myself, “how are you?”

“I’m good, I’m good” he said, sounding more cheerful than before but just as harried. When I handed him back his change and items and he looked like he was going to cry. 

“Thank you” he whispered with a look of reverence I have only seen on the faces of ancient church members receiving the eucharist.

“It’s no trouble,” I promised, trying not to look perplexed.

He bowed (LITERALLY BOWED) and then made a hurried exit stage left, reminiscent of Lear just before the second act, halfway into madness.

A Lear I had again forgotten to note the footwear of.

PART. 3. 

Okay I’m not even bothering with the pretentious Hemingway style for this one; I’m still reeling over the fact that he came back after four months AND on a Friday instead of a Monday no less.


  • He was wearing literally the exact same shirt and tie he had on from part one, only with an orange sweater and fancy jacket over the ensemble to indicate that it was winter
  • He bought Lay’s sour cream and onion potato chips this time instead of his standard granola bar, but the diet coke was as usual
  • He told me that he always felt guilty for buying snack food but ‘you have to do what you have to do’
  • He then smiled sadly at me and said ‘enjoy your weekend… If you can.’
  • I sat in stunned, unblinking silence for about six minutes until a customer came up and looked me over worriedly
  • Who is this man

Part Four

First thing’s first,


Probably about two years of wear on them but otherwise well cared for. Socks were white, which I was only able to notice because this human being has zero clothes that fit and his pant cuffs were hovering about 3 inches away from his shoes. I keep thinking his outfits can’t possibly get any better, but this one takes the cake:

Crumpled white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, gigantic scarf that looked as though it were made out of mouldy carpet, neon orange striped tie, and a matching neon orange plastic digital watch that probably came out of a box of honeycombs back in 1988.

He did not grace me with his odd conversational charm today, but I received something better. A clue. 

Today he was buying a red notebook and three ballpoint pens instead of snacks (which was questionable but this is a Thursday we’re talking about; the day that falls on the chaotic spectrum and which I am known for my overzealous distrust of), and when he pulled out his luxury black Mastercard to pay for his items he said eight words which shook me to my very core.

“I do get a staff discount on these.”

This has never come up before because discount plans don’t apply to food items. I have no need to ask the identity of a man buying a granola bar and a diet coke. But now.

I didn’t speak as I handed him his receipt, just nodded courteously. Only staff members know about the specific discount so I had no real need to ask for an ID for proof, and I was cursing my mistake in not asking for it anyway. 

I must find this man. I have been here for three years and yet have only seen him within the confines of the store at odd intervals. I’ve never even seen him step into the store, or leave (another customer is somehow always in line behind him and demanding my attention.) I spent half an hour going through the college’s entire staff directory this afternoon… and may have found something. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, I am not yet certain and will have to gather a few more items of information, but for the first time I can promise a part to follow. Perhaps, an ending.


Not an ending of any sort, but a very brief update from the field. My work schedule has changed since January and I was honestly beginning to wonder if I wouldn’t see the man again until the fall, as it’s been more than two months now. He startled me quite a bit when he literally blew in as if by a gust of wind right as my shift was ending. 

He was in quite a hurry and only bought a diet coke ($1.50) before blustering(?) off, giving me no chance to run an investigation or perception check, but if fashion checks were a thing…

Please imagine, if you will, a man wearing a yellow polka-dot tie that was not even tied, an orange scarf, the watch mentioned in my previous entry, khakis, a bright periwinkle shirt… and an impeccably matching woolen periwinkle cape. He was also carrying a very large black satchel with tartan lining, every single pocket of which was unzipped.

He looked like a hedge wizard.

I want answers.


I found him.

  • Masters in theology from Harvard 
  • Distinguished professor of philosophy
  • God-tier identification photo; I cannot believe that I have not been hallucinating this man for the past 12 months and 41 days.
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Words of wisdom. @gq #DAPPERMEN

October 03 2017

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August 28 2017

Some random questions :P


1. What’s your height ?
2. Which season is your favorite ?
3. Writing, art or chatting ?
4. Pokemon, long live, Digimon, YoKai watch, Barbie, Doraemon ?
5. Burgers or pizza ?
6. What’s your sexual orientation ?
7. If you could change 3 things in the world, what could they be ?
8. Any fictional character that you will love to cosplay ?
9. Do you sleep with any stuff toy by your side ?
10. Do you live alone ?
11. Describe the surroundings around your home.
12. What will be your dream profession ?
13. Which vegetable you HATE the most ?
14. Which vegetable you LOVE the most ?
15. Ever eaten bitter gourd ?
16. Strawberries or blackberries ?
17. Number of friends on tumblr.
18. What’s is the one thing that you want to change in yourself ?
19. Ever went underwaters ?
20. Mom or dad ? With whom you’re much bonded to ?
21. Number and age of siblings ?
22. Ever met any actor or actress in real ?
23. Who you want to meet NOW ?
24. What are your casual wears ?
25. What was the one embarrassing moment in your school life that you won’t forget ?
26. Are you curious about certain anons ?
27. What’s the one thing that you’ll always regret for ?
28. When you’re excited, which word you speak out mostly ?
29. Had crush on any of your friends in school life? Is he/she still your crush ?
30. Do you celebrate Halloween ? Which costume did you wore last time ?
31. What’s your lucky number and lucky color ?
32. What never bores you ?
33. What you hate the most ?
34. Do you believe in ghosts and spirits ? Want to meet one ?
35. What’s a common name that you’re often called from ?
36. In your eyes, who’s the most popular blog irrespective of the number of followers it has ?
37. Do you know languages other than English ?
38. What’s the thing you’ll always cherish ?
39. Describe your personality in 5 words.
40. Your Myers Briggs personality type ?
41. Introverted, ambiverted or extroverted ?
42. Are you left-handed, ambidextrous or right-handed ?
43. Do you use alarm clock to wake yourself up ?
44. Read newspapers, magazines ?
45. Ask any question…

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Marstrand, Sweden

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The Equal Justice Initiative is building a memorial for lynching victims — and it’s about time.

The Equal Justice Initiative announced on Tuesday that it will build the first-ever national memorial to lynching victims in Montgomery, Alabama. Titled “Memorial to Peace and Justice,” the EJI project will sit on six acres of land that used to be a public housing project in Montgomery. 

The structure will include the thousands of lynching victims’ names on concrete columns, which will represent hundreds of U.S. counties where the acts took place. The memorial will also coincide with the opening of a museum.

follow @the-movemnt

This is how you remember and honor our nation’s past.

This design gave me chills, as it should.

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white lantern

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August 27 2017




Offense but like how many years did straight people call everything they hated or disliked “gay”,,,,,, yet y'all can’t handle a single generalized statement online about being cis/het but okay!

We’re real people, though.

Local Cishet Admits They Don’t Think Gay People Are Real

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Maggie Smith, photographed for the ITV Play of the Week, Guardian Angel (1960)

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I love this team 💙

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